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We are a branding agency. We create brands and build consumer engagement.

Sun, beer, beach.

Cortes is representative of the category of light lagers, refreshing beers in handy bottles from hot and sunny Mexico.

After the successful rebranding and completion of works on the classic Edelmeister, we received a new order from Van Pur S.A. This project is a further part of our several years of cooperation with the alcoholic beverage market in the FMCG industry, as well as with the family business of the owners.

Something more than Mexico.

While receiving the order to develop a new strategy for the brand from the customer, we were also tasked with designing new product packaging.

So we improved our tan, put on flip flops and got down to work. We organized workshops and performed market analysis for this beer segment. This allowed us all to understand that it is necessary to distinguish oneself from known brands and not imitate them. Mexico could only remain in combination with the category itself. After all, a beer with tequila is strongly associated with this region. However, the exotic fiesta had to change into something more. We needed to increase the consumer’s emotional involvement.

From then on, the brand had to be guided by natural and authentic relationships that allowed for more capacious communication.

You don’t need anything more if you have your friends with you.

Our idea was to find these emotions among friends who will always remind you that once upon a time you did not need any suitcases and wild beaches to put distance from the world around you. In times like these, the energy of the people you know well was enough. In this company we saw Cortes’ new place, a place where you can always feel at ease.

The slogan became the words “Everything is here”. After all, the world tastes best with friends, and since they are here, everything is already in place.

The simpler, the better.

The beer was placed on the market. It was well received, but there were some objections in the area of new brand communication. We realized that the slogan “Everything is here” might be too difficult to read without involving the right budget in the advertising campaign.

Together with the customer, we decided to simplify communication. A new slogan was created. It was definitely simpler - “Summer is here”. To give this twist, we went towards the recurring retro style and the equally popular boho.

As part of these changes, in autumn 2018 we introduced the concept to the customer and coordinated the brand’s photo session. Photos were used in the designs of POS material. Collective packaging also received a new design. Van Pur launched support for sales activities, the brand was ready to conquer new markets and enter them with a new design.

In the summer everything is correct.

The work we performed when designing the new Cortes strategy together with Van Pur resulted in us launching the product on 10 new markets. In 2019, Cortes also came to Polish shelves.

Within two years, beer sales increased by a factor of three.

We can do nothing but propose a toast. Cheers!

Art Director: Paweł Ciesielski
Designer: Monika Krzysiak, Jacek Ciesielski
Client's Partner: Wojciech Drozdowski
Illustrator: Manuel Serra
Photographer: Przemysław Mazur
3D Artists: Bartosz Dąbek, Marcin Ziemba

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Lead Designer

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