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We are a branding agency. We create brands and build consumer engagement.

Master’s new robes.

When you read these words, hectoliters of Edelmeister beer are ripening in one of the 5 breweries belonging to the Polish company, Van Pur S.A. This family business is one of the largest brewing companies in Europe.

In 2016, we were offered cooperation in rebranding their brand. We were expected to design new packaging to reflect their significant position in current markets and to facilitate expansion into new ones. For us, it was the first beer brand in the agency’s portfolio, but fortune favors the brave.

A sip of history.

The Edelmeister brand has supported sales for over 10 years. During this time the packaging has undergone several visual changes, and the product family has expanded with new variants. However, a limit was reached as regards increases in sales.

We were asked to develop a new strategy and design concept for the brand. The goal was primarily to adapt design standards and organize the product family in a new design. The customer wanted to base it upon a strongly Germano-Czech pattern, which had inspired them when placing it on the market.

A craft based on strategy and intuition.

We started work on the project by undertaking research and identifying trends for this category. A valuable element that we wanted to keep in building the new identification was the brand hero of the brand. The problem is that we had the title Edelmeister (from the German “noble master”), but no one could tell us any story associated with it. So we set off in search of inspiration.

We dug through the archives of former German brewers. We were interested in the period when the traditions and craftsmanship of the largest European breweries were born. Thanks to access to the art libraries of the era, we were able to sketch the picture of our hero.

The birth of Sigmund Koeppler.

This is how the biography cards of the 16th century master brewer and noble craftsman Sigmund Koeppler were created. He was a fictional character, but the principles and values represented by the brand itself had to be true for everyone.

We have brought together constant inspiration with tradition and the preservation of the best patterns in the skills associated with the brand by constructing product variants in collaboration with the customer.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, regardless of time, place or culture. We used this fact to conduct our communication. This was to intended to express appreciation for the attitudes of consumers and be in their eyes a reward after work. No-one could be indifferent to words of appreciation from the master.

And we wanted to hear “well done” from the initiator of the project.

Brewed in tribute to the masters.

From that moment we went to the project stages. Brand identification, new label designs and specific packaging formats were created. 3D renderings of products were made. We created key visuals for the needs of the brand, designed a website and, also, materials dedicated to new sales markets and POS.

The message is independent of cultural conditions.

We simplified the visual perception of the brand. The priority was the brand hero exhibition and information on the type of beer. Edelmeister is an export brand, hence our task was to inform the consumer about it from the packaging level up.

Well done.

The rebranding was a success. The brand represented a fully European classic style thanks to which it gained in the eyes of distributors and customers.

The new version of Edelmeister was introduced in 2017, and in three years the sales figures have grown by a factor of a trifle over 2.5. The sales department used the tools effectively and introduced products for distribution on 16 new markets.

Can you sum up the work with words like well done? It seems like that indeed is the case.

And we got down to the Cortes brand.

Art Director: Paweł Ciesielski
Designer: Jacek Ciesielski
Strategist: Wojciech Drozdowski
Illustrator: Marcin Soboń
3D Artists: Bartosz Dąbek, Marcin Ziemba

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Paweł Ciesielski
Lead Designer

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