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We are a branding agency. We create brands and build consumer engagement.

Kernau. Market research and strategy for a brand of household appliances.

Galicja Tomaszek are experienced entrepreneurs who are constantly looking for new opportunities to develop their family business. Their activity is the history of three generations. Once again, we received a new order from them.

We met with the company's management board and were asked to design a brand of household appliances from scratch. Our task was to determine a strategy for conducting all marketing activities and communication with the consumer.

This case study is the history of Kernau, a volume brand of household appliances in a family portfolio.

Design audit. Work on a new brand.

We received the order for a design audit of Neto brand products, the prototype of Kernau. We prepared analyses of the product range and the communication materials of the leading manufacturers of household appliances on the market. Recipient profiles were determined in detail, standards and market trends were identified. We needed an answer to the question of what is behind the consumer’s purchasing decisions and when they are taken. We were interested in how we can support studios in the entire process, which will be the main channel in the sale of these devices.

The owners chose the name for the brand. We were entrusted with the development of a new visual identification system. The new strategy we proposed to the customer precisely defined the tone of communication and its positioning relative to the target group. Our analysis of the consumer allowed us to identify the specification. Following our research, our target turned out to be a young family that chooses furniture and household appliances after buying a new flat. The message we wanted in order to interest the consumer talked about safety, ease of operation and useful functions in every new kitchen.

We developed simple and clear communication in the area of product specifications. We wanted to be understood by the recipient. We wanted him/her to find it easy to learn about the benefits of having devices.

We are inspired by the family.

We designed materials for points of contact with the consumer, sales support tools and POS, including: product catalogs, price lists for studios, displays, posters, dedicated 2b2 folders, loyalty program catalogs, product and warranty cards, as well as presentations for the sales department. The Kernau website was created and we launched an online store. The brand was present on social media.

Consumers and studios received a clear message - Kernau is well-prepared for its work. We taught the brand to talk about itself. We took care of the modern visual aspect of the brand. We produced 3D animations dedicated to categories of product, interior visualizations and renderings of all products along with libraries for the kitchen design programs used by studios.

Profit thanks to the new strategy.

The new brand achieved a fivefold increase in sales during this year.

And also a 7% share in the hood market in the same year (according to GFK from 2015).

Art Director: Paweł Ciesielski
Designer: Jacek Ciesielski, Łukasz Peszek, Paweł Hahn, Łukasz Szewczyk
Client's Partner: Wojciech Drozdowski, Artur Bieniek
PR Specialists: Marzena Krupa, Marzena Sitarz, Ewelina Twardowska
DTP: Daniel Kazanecki
Photographer: Ryszard Kocaj
3D Artists: Bartosz Dąbek, Marcin Ziemba

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Lead Designer

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